Are you open to the Public?

Yes, all Sid Boedeker Safety Shoe Service locations are open to the public during our published business hours.

I purchased boots and they don’t fit, can I return them?

Yes, we accept returns of footwear within 30 days of purchase. Shoes returned for fit or comfort reasons must be in like new condition, unless they are a style with a 30-day comfort guarantee. If you have a question about a return, please contact the nearest Sid Boedeker Safety Shoe Service location for assistance. This return policy may be modified by corporate contract.

All boots we sell have a manufacturer’s warranty against defects for a period of at least 3 months from date of purchase. To qualify a boot as a defect return, we must be able to physically inspect the boot to verify a defect. Excessive wear and tear, misuse, abuse, or damage from external forces are not covered under manufacturer warranty.

I bought boots 3 months ago and the sole is starting to peel off, are they under warranty?

Why am I not allowed to purchase a particular style or brand?

Companies that we contract with often have particular safety needs due to the environment that they operate in. Due to this, many companies will ask us to only sell styles that are from certain brands, styles, or have certain functionalities or features (I.E.: high slip resistance, Electrical Hazard, or Static Dissipative). We strive to offer the best selection to every employee while following their company policy.

How many styles do you have in your stores or on your trucks?

We stock upwards of 190 styles over 25 brands of safety specific footwear in our main store and warehouse in Saint Louis, MO. Each of our stores in Lenexa, KS and Memphis, TN have slightly smaller selections (around 130-150 styles) due to smaller store footprints. Our trucks carry roughly 100-115 styles each on tractor trailers and about 80 styles on smaller trucks. No matter where you buy from, we can order from the full line of any brand we carry.

While some of our stores have a limited selection of shoes available out in the showroom, we believe that fit is the most important thing when getting a new pair of safety footwear. We want to make sure that we are getting everyone into the right footwear with the proper fit. This also allows us to make sure that shoes are in the correct boxes and matched at all times.

Why don’t you keep shoes out in the store for us to try on?